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***Faculty and Candidates must use their Queens College email address to access Anthology (Chalk and Wire) accounts
The Queens College Education Unit uses the Anthology electronic portfolio and assessment system. When candidates are admitted to one of the undergraduate or graduate programs in the Education Unit, they may be instructed to obtain an Anthology ePortfolio subscription to submit their assignments as directed until graduation. Faculty will assess all key program assignments submitted by candidates in Anthology.
We ask candidates NOT to obtain an Anthology subscription until you are specifically asked to do so by your course instructor.

What is Anthology ePortfolio?

Anthology is a web based e-portfolio system required for all candidates in the Professional Education Unit at Queens College. You will use Anthology ePortfolio to create your professional program assessment ePortfolio. You can also make separate e-Portfolios using Anthology for career and other purposes.

Why is Anthology required?

Anthology will be used to assess key assignments that have been identified by your Queens College teacher education certification program. The New York State Education Department and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) now requires all accredited programs to document individual student performance, based on national, state and institutional standards. The Anthology ePortfolio assessments will document your performance on key assignments aligned with these standards.

How does Anthology work?

When a key assignment in a course is completed, you will upload this assignment to your assessment ePortfolio. You will then submit your assignment to your instructor for assessment.  The instructor will evaluate your assignment using a rubric. All key assignments will be submitted and assessed through Anthology. At the end of your program, you will have a complete ePortfolio of key assignments that document your professional growth.

How do I begin using Anthology?

When you receive subscription code , you will use this code to create your account (for new user) or to log into Anthology (renewals).

Can I create other portfolios?

You can design your own ePortfolio separate from the program assessment ePortfolio. For example, you might use Anthology to design an electronic resume ePortfolio. You may wish to design an ePortfolio to target a particular type of position or career path.  Anthology can also be used to share your personal story with your family and friends.


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